Good to Meet You

Hi! We’re Michael and Andrea a husband and wife team who love each other and love what we do.  We enjoy discovering coffee shops, consuming good homemade healthy food, partaking on as much travel as we can muster and exploring in our camper called Rocky.

Bohemian Weddings was born because of our passion for people and making meaningful connections full of love and life. This matched with our desire to spend every day together being creative means that we do everything with intention and with our hearts and eyes open.

Life is an awfully big adventure …

Meet Michael

I love travel and capturing uniqueness through my photography / I shoot 35mm and 120mm film for my personal projects/  I love working on our old VW Camper  / I like Guinness but love Coffee more / My favourite band is Iron Maiden\m/ I enjoy trips to the beach and surfing / photography expeditions, gadgets and retro toys / I dream about driving in our camper to Norway to photograph the aurora borealis (northern lights)

Meet Andrea

I like paper maps and long roadtrips in our old VW campervan / I enjoy hanging out in bookshops and coffee shops / I love camping, hiking, the outdoors and sitting by the fire / I am travel obsessed and happiest with sunshine on my face and my toes out

A little slice of us…